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Cloud B Twilight Turtle Purple
Cloud B Twilight Turtle Purple
Cloud B Twilight Turtle Purple
Cloud B Twilight Turtle Purple

    Cloud B Twilight Turtle Purple

    RM 235.70
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    • Brand: Cloud B
    • Product Code: twilight turtle purple

    The Cloud B Twilight Turtle provides a comforting, relaxing and less scary room by projecting a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of their room.

    • Comes with three soothing color options to create a magical, tranquil environment that helps children ease peacefully into the sweetest slumber.
    • Eases fear of the dark
    • Projects actual star constellations
    • 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during your child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
    • Projects in 3 soothing color options: blue, green, and amber
    • Option to automatically morph through all 3 colors

    Features & Benefits:

    • The winner of several industry awards, including the Editor's Choice blue ribbon from Baby Talk, each Twilight Turtle is individually hand painted for a unique, artful look that complements any nursery or children's room.
    • For extra, interactive bedtime fun, parents can sit with their children and identify eight major constellations, including the Big Dipper and the Big Bear, with the help of the beautifully illustrated Star Guide. The three soothing color choices allow your child to not only learn to identify different colors, but to also truly experience them as well. Amber radiates warmth and peace; green creates a healing and renewing atmosphere; and blue helps calm the senses. The soft, illuminating glow the Twilight Turtle emits also serves as a nightlight that makes darkness less daunting.
    • The Twilight Turtle also includes a warm-hearted story about how Twilight Turtle, separated from his father, uses the constellations to find his way home.
    • Plush and soft, with a sturdy plastic shell, this nightlight is best placed on the floor in the center of the room where it projects a starry night sky onto the ceiling and walls. Simply pressing the button on the turtle's shell ignites the stars and keeps them glowing for a full 45 minutes--just enough time for most children to drift into sleep. At this point, the Twilight Turtle automatically shuts off to preserve battery life and allow your child to slip into deepest slumber. Another push of the button reactivates the projection if needed.
    • A great gift for children who are afraid of the dark, or even adults who have trouble falling asleep. Perhaps the best thing about this plush pal is it becomes a favorite bedtime buddy for years and years to come - truly a gift that keeps on giving!
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester