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Yookidoo Musical Duck Race
Yookidoo Musical Duck Race
Yookidoo Musical Duck Race
Yookidoo Musical Duck Race

    Yookidoo Musical Duck Race

    RM 199.00
    • Product Type: Bathing
    • Barcode: 7290107721387
    • Availability:In Stock
    • Brand: Yookidoo
    • Product Code: Musical Duck Race

    BEST SELLER! The most entertaining bath toy ever! Unique water features and water effects. Suitable from 6-36 months

    Product Features:

    • A battery operated bath toy that draws water from the tub and creates a unique fountain and race track
    • Cheerful music plays along while 4 colorful ducks race each celebrating bathtime™!
    • Each duck features a unique different water spraying effect!
    • Leaf lever activates 9 random sound & water effects
    • Automatic shut-off after 3 minutes

    Developmental Benifits:

    • Encourages learning through sensory play
    • Introduces children to the cause and effect processes
    • Develops eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills
    • Introduces children to concepts such as: full/empty, float/sink
    • Enhances hygienic habits
    • Water recycling toy - maintains water level and  temperature

    Play tips:

    The Musical Duck Race is all about celebrating bathtime™! Attach the Musical Duck Race to a flat surface on the bottom of the bath tub. Secure all three suction cups, ensuring that the fountain is level. Fill the bath tub with water. Water level must be between 4-14 cm. Turn on the Fountain by pressing the red on/off button located beneath the flower and allow the water track to fill and place the ducks within to begin the race. Put & take game–encourage your child to catch a duck, promoting hand eye coordination through play.


    What's inside:

    • 1 x Musical fountain
    • 1 x Racing ducks


    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester